As the business grows you may find that all the demands on your time start to result in you not being able to concentrate on them all.

We’ll cover how you can generate more time for yourself, to spend on other areas of the business.

By the end, you’ll understand that you can gain great benefit from using the services of others to assist you, rather than struggling trying to do everything yourself.

In the early stages of the business you may have to take on a lot of additional jobs due to funds being tight. You’ll find though that they may take you more than twice as long than for a professional, as you will also be trying to learn some of the skills first.

But, as the business grows, funding will be less of a restriction and you can start to look at outsourcing.

You only have a fixed amount of time, so it’s not possible to do everything yourself in a growing business.

Thankfully things have developed over the last few years so that now it is very easy to outsource work to others, whether that is for regular support or even just individual jobs.

Whether you want a logo designed, someone to create a promotional video for you, develop your newsletter or many other projects – you’ll find that there are people willing to help you at a very affordable cost.

There are many websites that people can offer their skills on, and they usually have a testimonial feedback system so you can see what their clients have to say about working with them.

As your business grows you’ll also start to see where the greatest profit comes from.

If a better return can be obtained by outsourcing and focussing your own energies on a more profitable area, then you should pursue this.

Remember, while you get tax relief for engaging the services of a professional, you do not for your own time – no matter how long it takes.

It’s important to move beyond the DIY mind-set you may have had to adopt at the early stages.