Every year, thousands of people use my website to locate the paper tax return form online, as it wasn’t easy to find on the GOV website.





I have been posting a link each year to help people, but with very short notice HMRC had initially announced that they will no longer provide the form online to download for the 2022/23 tax return onwards.





People were to be left with only two alternatives:

  • Try and telephone HMRC, and after a telephone interview, to have one posted to them. (It has been taking around half an hour for me to get through on the agent’s line this year, the main lines can take even longer unfortunately. The agent’s line was recently suspended as well.)

  • They can print off a form if they have access to commercial software.

However, I am pleased to announce that after much outcry, the 2022/23 Tax Return Paper Form is now again available

To access the form, as well as the notes to complete it, the location to find it is below. Although the form says ‘for reference only’ you should be able to use this:


…and if you require any professional assistance with your personal tax affairs, please do make contact

I offer a Bronze service package to those without self-employment or rental income, which includes preparation of the tax return form and support throughout the year should you now require assistance. Please contact me for a no-charge initial consultation and quote.