In my blog ‘profile portability’ I talk about the importance of developing an online profile.


One thing to consider is where this is located, every Social Networking site has a different audience so you may have various profiles on different sites.


Each site will have their own rules as to what you can put in your profile, and the format of that entry – If we consider that online you are your profile, in effect you are renting the space on their site and you have to follow the rules of the rental.


This may be fine for you, depending on the site and the rules, however if you want to develop a deeper profile you may find yourself restricted.


I would recommend, in addition to any profiles you have on successful sites, that you create your own profile space on the web – buying your own place instead of renting.


The cost of a domain name is very affordable, and you can then create exactly the profile you want there under your own rules.


Indeed, that is the reason I created so that I have one in depth digital presence on the web in addition to the smaller cut down profiles on various sites.


It’s something you might want to consider too.