Entrepreneurs are always looking at new opportunities, and pursuing those that they believe will succeed.

Occasionally those opportunities may not work out as planned, however it is important to take time to recognise the successes along the way.

I discovered this quote online recently:

Why it's important to recognise your successes

Using a personal example, I started a local networking group in Cobham this year. It didn’t work out as planned unfortunately. I’d made the promise to the founder members and our visitors that I wouldn’t let it become a breakfast club…

as a result I made the difficult decision to close the group this week, however we have had many successes over the last four months that otherwise wouldn’t have happened:

1) Personally inviting 1500 local businesses to visit our group since February, also raising the profile of taxhelp.uk.com in the community.

2) Welcoming over 100 visitors to our group over the same period, further increasing our exposure.

3) Seeing actual business being passed between the members and visitors.

4) Connecting local businesses so that future opportunities can be investigated in one to one meetings.

5) Achieving a personal goal, a few years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I could start and run a weekly networking meeting from scratch.

6) Further developing my knowledge of local businesses in the area, particularly in relation to how they are advertising their businesses and their results from different methods.

What have you done that didn’t work out exactly to plan, but as a result you actually achieved more than if you hadn’t started? Please do share in the comments below.