All you really need is just a smartphone?

phone text message

This is something I say as part of my Social Media presentations and earlier in the week I had another chance to prove why this is the case.

I was in Spain to give my ‘more time and money via Social Media’ presentation and made use of my iPhone 4 whilst there.

As I blogged last year, Spain has a great 3G mobile signal available in most locations near the coast, as well as the many places that provide free wifi as well.

So, whilst there I was able to blog easily and send/reply to emails, as well as taking photos for my blogs and keep up to date on all my Social Media sites too… as well as download the BNI app!

Mobile data used to be very expensive when roaming, but my mobile contract includes 25Mb of free data per day in Europe so it didn’t actually cost me anything extra even when I wasn’t using wifi.

Smartphones are definitely something I recommend for business owners.