I gave my ‘More time & money via Social Media’ presentation again this morning to the Sittingbourne chapter in Kent:

Sittingbourne BNI

It was a lively chapter meeting, with four guests as well as the members.

Being down in Kent, it did mean another 4am start so I could be there before the open networking in order to get set up. At that time of day the motorways are very quiet though so it’s an easy journey, and the sun is already coming up at this time of year.

As well as my presentation, I was also sharing details of BNI Connect (The BNI Social Network) and how members can use it to increase the business passed within the chapter, as well as to bring in business from outside as well. With the launch of chapter websites in the future these will be linked to BNI Connect profiles, so the information can be centrally managed.

I was also pleased to see the chapter 121 board at the meeting. Members were also sharing about how effective 121’s are, and that they lead to increased business through developing a greater depth of knowledge about the other person:

121 Board

I’m looking forward to delivering my presentation to other chapters – I’m currently already booked for another one in Kent as well as an Essex chapter, in addition to the Spanish chapter I am visiting again next month.

Bobbing for apples?

That’s the name of the chapters venue!