The Antiques Social Media Roadshow

Today I continued my series of roadshows, visiting BNI chapters and presenting ‘More time and money via Social Media.’

I was at the West Malling chapter, which holds its meetings at Bradbourne House:

Bradbourne House

If you look closely at this picture, between the two smaller trees, you can just see one of the hot air balloons that was flying this morning before the chapter meeting:

Bradbourne House rear

There was an interesting mix of members there, covering several different power teams. They had recently held a successful stack day as well.

It was also good to see some members had already embraced Social Media and were showing twitter, facebook and linkedin logos on their business cards and banners.


I was pleased that there was great interest in my presentation, and we had a visitor from another chapter who is also going to arrange for me to take my presentation to her own chapter as well.

I also talked about BNI Connect and the chapter set themselves the goal of all members having their Connect profiles updated by the time of next weeks meeting.

BNI Connect is a great benefit to local chapters in assisting the members increase their business, and it also enables international connections to be made. This is a useful addition as we had a guest there who operates internationally and he could see the potential.

With the members embracing social media and with their projected growth they will soon be moving to a larger room at the venue, with it’s collection of antique paintings on the wall: