I started using social media for business in 2008, and blogging a year later – sharing advice to help the small business owner earn more and minimise their tax liabilities.

In the time since then, in addition to running my company and consultancy, I have been regularly creating content to help people.

As at October 2012 so far I have created:

2 books, available in both paperback and on kindle: www.powerclimb.co.uk www.chocks-away.com

250+ blog posts: taxhelp.uk.com/blog

100+ video blogs: www.youtube.com/user/taxhelpukcom

With the tools available to us now, as well as free websites to share our content, it is a great time to create your own content and help others by your experience.

My favourite saying ‘you’ve got to learn more to earn more’ – by creating and sharing my own content I help people to achieve this.

What is it that you do, that you could share with others either in writing or by video?