I have observed several companies separating their product from its cost, such as electronics companies with hidden cash registers in their stores, and theme parks where the payment booths are separated from the park entrances.

The idea behind this is that the negative cost is not associated with the positive experience of the product.

Whilst this is an interesting concept, and has been proven to work for them, it’s not something that I apply myself.

With the self-employed, accountancy and consultancy fees qualify for tax relief – in effect making them even more affordable. It’s the reason why I developed fixed fee packages for clients, so that the price is openly known in advance.

Although people should not choose an accountant or consultant solely based on price, it is an important element for many of the self-employed as they have other demands on limited finances.

With the significant discounts available due to the tax relief available, price is something I do not separate from the service – what do you do?