Crowdfunding business finance Ltd

Many people looking to grow or start a business would benefit from finance to assist with their planned expenditure.


Indeed, particularly in the current climate, now is an ideal time to invest in the future and for growth whilst your competitors are downsizing and restricting their marketing efforts.


In the past the traditional route for funding was the banks, however it is common knowledge that there are issues with this route currently.


So, what is an entrepreneur to do?


There is a limit as to how much they can invest in their own business, so when that point is reached something that may be of interest is a site called Crowdcube which supports crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is simply the process of bringing together private investors to invest amounts in growing businesses. Similar to the Dragons Den TV show, but with normal investors rather than multi-millionaires. There can also be the incentives of bonuses for investors as well.


By spreading the investment through many investors it makes it easy for people to choose which pitches to support, and the Crowdcube website handles all the technical aspects of the transaction for the investors and entrepreneurs.


It is something you may want to check out yourself at, indeed it is a route that I investigated myself for the expansion in 2012 of the franchise so that this can proceed at an accelerated rate.