HMRC tax refunds onto cards

In cases where a refund is due for the year, there is a possibility that this might go back onto a card that was used to pay tax – rather than come as a bank transfer or cheque as requested on the tax return.

This is something to be aware of, in case you are waiting for a refund that has already been paid back to a card (either debit or credit.)

However, in order for the repayment to go to a card instead a number of requirements all need to be met:

1) Your most recent payment to HMRC was made by card

2) The repayment amount due must be less than the last card payment made

3) Payment must have been made within the last nine months

HMRC advise that where all 3 conditions are met, the repayment will go to the card used automatically and cannot unfortunately be changed as it is an automated system.

If this applies to you, then you may want to check the online banking for your card account to see if repayment has been made direct or alternatively look closely at the monthly statement.