James McBrearty - meetings available at a time & location to suit you

You may think that this is a simple answer, but one thing that people regularly forget is the cost of their own time.

If you are going to see an adviser with a high street office, then in addition to the time cost of the actual meeting itself you also have to allow for commuting and parking time – and perhaps even a cost for parking as well.

When you add these up, at the normal hourly rate you would charge a client, then the cost of that free meeting can be significant.

That is why I offer my meetings at a time and location to suit the client – and also have several evening and weekend appointments available each month, so people don’t need to take time away from the working week.

Just last weekend I met with a new client on a Saturday morning, at a hotel near a main road that was convenient to him.

When considering advisers, it’s important to remember to include the cost of your own time for meetings.