The March 2013 newsletter

Has just been sent to our clients:

There is now only one month left before the end of the 2013 tax year…

If you were thinking about making any business purchases or investments, now would be an ideal time before the rush in the last few days of the tax year.

I regularly post articles on the blog.

These cover tax as well as general business issues, below are links to a selection that you may have missed:

HMRC focussing on rental income

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HMRC’s Business Records Checks (BRC)

Payroll changes for 2013 – Real Time Information (RTI)

The High Income Child Benefit Charge (HICBC)

2013 Tax returns
In a few weeks time I will be writing to all our clients to ask for the information to prepare the tax return for the year to 5th April 2013.

I know many people are planning to send these through earlier this year, so they know their tax position well in advance as well as receive any refunds due at an early date.

It is also an ideal opportunity to combine this with the special offer below:

Special offer on fees in April
Over the last few years I have run a special offer, where people receive a 10% deduction on their tax fees for invoices issued and paid before the end of April.

This has been proving increasingly popular with clients, as it is an easy way to save money, so I will be running this offer again in 2013.

The return can be completed later in the year if you are waiting for information to arrive – as long as the invoice is settled before the end of April then you will still qualify for the special discount.

If there are any topics you would like me to cover in future articles, or if you have any queries please do contact me.