The £3,000,000 blog?

How much is a blog post worth?

I regularly point people towards Vanessa Warwick’s blog post from last year regarding social networking vs traditional marketing.

As someone who has spent significant amounts on traditional marketing with limited return I would actually value the information in that post as being worth £5,000 to me or to any other small business owner as the amount you could initially waste.

Many people try traditional methods and when they don’t work they are not freely sharing this information, whereas in an open environment blogs such as Vanessa’s can save many people significant amounts of money.

Vanessa tells me that their site has several thousand hits a day. As the post has been up since the end of April 2009 even if only a couple of people per day had read it, with potentially a £5,000 saving per person, the blog could actually be worth…


The great benefit of Vanessa’s posting is that it continues to increase in value as more people see it and add their comments.

How much could your blog be worth?

With all the great blogs being posted daily I’m sure that we are well into billions of pounds worth of business knowledge, and it is expanding daily.