What do you charge?

There are two thoughts when it comes to pricing, with some people showing their prices and others choosing not to.

One point to consider is that if you don’t show your price then people may actually assume that your rates are more than they actually are – in some cases up to double!

Therefore something I recommend, and have done so myself since starting the business, is to show the prices you charge for the range of services you offer.

People are increasingly concerned with maximising their budget, and by having the information available this enables them to make a decision.

Another benefit that you may want to offer is a no-charge initial meeting, as this enables people to discuss what would suit their needs best without any pressure to proceed.

(I heard of someone who went for an initial meeting with an accountant, and received a bill for nearly as much as my fees that he wasn’t expecting – so having a no-charge initial meeting reassures potential clients.)

Do you show your prices on your website?

You can see the range of packages we offer and the prices here, you may wish to choose something similar for your own services to make them transparent – and as a result increase your new client enquiries.

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