Would you like a business advantage? 24/7 & real-time changes.

I would like to share an example of a client we have just taken on and how the process differed from the traditional way of doing things, which shows how video and short real-time interactions can make a difference.

I decided to get some videos for my website recently, to explain the various pages in detail and to let people ‘meet me’ beforehand. The advantage of these is that they are available 24/7 for people to look at whenever it’s convenient for them. It also helps people with the ‘like me’ process when they can actually see me speaking.

Having videos on many of our individual webpages means that it also saves time in the initial contact and meeting – if they have already watched you talking about the service, you don’t need to cover this again and they can then ask any questions they may have at a deeper level.

The client taken on this week had watched my videos and then contacted me via the message box on our website to make an initial enquiry – this came through on Sunday morning to my BlackBerry, and we had a few short messages back and forth to arrange a meeting in Cobham for this week. As he had seen the videos he already knew the details of our services.

All arranged while other peoples offices were closed, and it only took a few minutes overall.

With varying lifestyles, the traditional 9-5 isn’t always convenient for clients to contact you and making it as easy as possible for people to find out about you and then get in touch, using whichever method is best for them is a great way to differentiate your service.

Which leads me onto anothoer blog about the secret benefits of video…