Would you like to know a secret about videos?

Following on from an earlier blog I recently discovered that YouTube was actually ranked the second highest search engine and thought that this could have possibilities for helping people to ‘know me’ and maybe start to ‘like me’.

So, what’s the secret?
This surprised me – I Googled ‘accountant surrey’ there are over half a million websites whereas if you choose the ‘video’ tab there are only about 20 results!

Video is another great opportunity to get ahead, similar to the blog I posted on influence.

It is so easy to do this, I set up a YouTube channel very easily and when Nick Tadd sent me the video files we shot I uploaded them to my channel.

As well as this I also have a blip.tv channel which can also create an MP3 file of your video and also link into my iTunes page. It was very easy to do all of this, I’d never used the sites before but picked up the basics quickly.

So from one easy video session I now have an increased web presence, as well as being able to link to the videos to use on my website, on blogs, my social media profiles as well as in emails, etc.

As well as video giving people more information when it is convenient for them, one other advantage is that some people like to start it playing and then also read the key points of text of a website or blog while they listen to the audio.

It also shows the importance of having a quality video recorded, such as the one that I shot with Vanessa Warwick and Nick Tadd, who made the process so easy and enjoyable – many videos are just people talking straight to a camera, rather than the interview style such as ours:

It is also very affordable to have a professional video recorded – the ones I shot have, within a couple of weeks, already nearly paid for themselves through a new client taken on. They will continue to bring in new clients over the coming months – as well as being great tools for people to get to know me better before we meet.