Would you like your own TV channel?

A few years back this would have been almost impossible, the barriers to entry of costs and technical knowledge would have prevented it.

Now it is possible to have your own TV channel for free, thanks to YouTube. It is very easy to register on the site and set up a page yourself.

I set up the taxhelp.uk.com TV channel back in March 2009 and have been updating it since then with new videos.

You may worry about being able to create content, indeed my own content level has been fairly low in the past but this is increasing. Like blogging, you may find that creating video becomes easier the more that you do it.

Once you have the channel you will need to create the content, and this is another area where it may actually cost you nothing. If you have a modern cell phone you might find that it is able to shoot high-definition video, so you already have the equipment you need.

Once you have the video you may need to edit it before uploading, again this can be done very easily. I have used iMovie on the iPad to edit several of my own videos – this was incredibly easy to use for someone who has no experience of video editing.

With different people responding to different communication methods, you could find that having a video increases the potential clients you are reaching as well as helping existing ones.

In my next blog post I’ll discuss my own experiences and why video is the way forward when it comes to being found online and increasing conversion.

Do you use video to promote your own business, and help clients?

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