Due to pressures of work, Michael was not able to start collating his information until January. As things were getting close to the deadline he was worried about being able to get help with his tax.

When we met we ran though the extra information required to complete the tax return and accounts, as well as answering his queries about what expenses he could claim for and reassuring him that provided his information was complete we should be able to meet the deadline. Due to the complexity of Michael’s affairs the Gold Service was the most appropriate level for him.


Michael had all of his information together right at the end of the month. We arranged to visit him at home on the morning of Sunday the 31st of January and collected the paperwork. As we had met previously this was in the correct format and complete. After checking and processing this we were able to send him the tax return and accounts in the afternoon and following his approval we submitted the tax return in the evening of the 31st before the midnight deadline.


Whilst this is not a normal case, it shows how we are flexible and prepared to help clients avoid fines and make sure that they meet their filing requirements.


This is even more important now with the introduction of new fines from HMRC for failing to submit a tax return, which could amount to £1600, that apply even in cases where no tax is actually due.

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