As you may know, I am the ATT’s representative on the HMRC Working Together (WT) project.

Further details of our meeting have now been made public by HMRC, so I can share more information with you.

HMRC’s Chief Executive, Lin Homer visited the Tolworth WT meeting in September – which was also my own first meeting as the ATT’s representative.

HMRC have reported that Lin was very impressed with the work local WT agents and HMRC staff are doing in these meetings.

The meeting included presentations on:

HMRC communications

RealTime Information

Agent Account Managers service

Susan Gompels, the agent lead and Chris Kelly from the Business Tax Change programme provided Lin with a history of the Tolworth WT at the meeting as well – which was useful for me too.

Lin will try to attend a future meeting and will also be encouraging other members of HMRC’s Executive Committee to visit the WT Groups.

I’ll be reporting back on my future meetings with HMRC at a later date – we meet quarterly, and in addition also run special joint presentations for local professionals.